Wall Fashion

Since 2013 we have noticed a dramatic renaissance in specialty wallcoverings and wallpapers. Young professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area are looking for hip, bold ,dramatic, fun and classic wallpapers.

Todays freshest interiors are taking a page from the past , by way of reissued wallpaper designs. These expertly crafted patterns hark back to a time when prints were painstakingly hand-drawn and screen printed.

Designers, architects, builders,and  homeowners are turning to companies such as Farrow & Ball, Graham & Brown, Anthropologie and others for their inspiration.

Graphic prints, bold colors and unusual textures are back with a 21st century twist. 

Why A Cut Above? 

If you are going to purchase a beautiful custom wallpaper  you’ll need an expert to install it properly for you. There are so many nuances and variables when installing custom wallcoverings.

I was trained for 25 years by one of the most talented wallpaper artisans I have ever known. Her precision and artistry were impressed into my mind , heart and hands.

I am thrilled that after falling from favor for a while, the landscape for adventure with wallpapers and wallcoverings has opened up again, and is more exciting than ever before.

I have been installing all kinds of wallcovering since 1981. As you have probably noticed there are almost zero wallpaper artisans left. It is so exciting to continue the journey into  the bold new world of wallcovering. 

It Takes Hands to Execute

This is my favorite part and the most valuable to you I think. No one installs your beautiful wallcoverings except me. I simply don’t allow anyone else to do it. So to have the owner ,who is totally invested and committed  to the success of your project , do the entire installation, I believe is of great value to you. Only you care as much as I do about the end product. Skilled caring hands, decades of experience and a passion for my art is what I offer to you. Meticulous prep work is vital to the proper installation of your wallcovering. It is usually a three step process. If the walls are textured I smooth coat your walls first,  this requires two coats of smooth wall which I finish with a wet sponge so we don’t have to do any sanding, this process is day 1. After drying over night we come back and paint the wall surface with a special wallcovering primer- sealer, this is day 2. Again after drying overnight I come back and install your wallcovering, this is day 3. This prep is absolutely vital to the proper and successful installation of your wallcovering, I never cut corners on the prep. There are thousands of different types of wallcovering, it is vital to have an expert installer to make sure your wallcovering project works out the way you want it.

Selection and Availability

Due to the marvels of the internet, one no longer has to venture to a paint and wallpaper store and wade through heavy sample books or take them home. Now with hugely diverse web sites such as

Graham & Brown     Farrow & Ball     Decorators Best     Design Your Wall     Anthropologie    Murals your way

one can search for any type or style of wallcovering and order samples online. We suggest that you find what you like online, order the samples and then have us come and review them with you before ordering.

We have  imaginative, and  excited clients purchasing wallpapers from England, the Phillipines, Thailand, Scandinavia, yes the world over and bringing them to us to install. It’s a bold new world of vibrant and eclectic wallcoverings  where there are limitless possibilities and ways to explore and express your imagination and creativity

The Next Step

One of my favorite aspects of my art is to assist in the design/selection process. I visit your home, get a sense of your style and give technical and artistic advice. Some people already know or have found exactly what they want and some are working with designers. I have worked side by side with and for interior designers for over 30 years, and they often seek my technical opinion. I measure the project to give you accurate ordering amounts, and explain the whole process from start to finish. You’ll notice from my Yelp reviews how valuable clear and expert advice has been to my clients.
Please contact the owner Keith Lelliott via text or phone @ 925-519-2319 or e-mail me at acutabovewallcovering@comcast.net