An important part of our ongoing development is a collaboration that started in 2011 with Bridgette Smith, a very talented artisan, who has greatly enhanced our operation with her wide and varied skills. The alliance of our two companies has formed a synergy that gives us and you a distinct advantage.

Bridgette was trained in some of the best Specialty and Decorative Finishes Studios in San Diego Ca.

Her wide range of skills include but are not limited to Marmarino plaster, Venetian plaster, lime washes and all modes of decorative painting including glazing and metallic finishes. Her ability to hand mix paint and plaster colors and custom textures makes her an excellent choice for a wide range of projects. 

She is also very talented at distressing and painting cabinets and furniture.  

She has worked for many years with designers , architects , builders and homeowners throughout the U.S. and internationally.

We are thrilled to work on magnificent projects alongside Bridgette. 

Old World Textures

These textures give an old world charm to European inspired homes. Originally used to simulate the texture on Mediterranean style homes, old world is now found in many communities. Old world can be seen in many variations from a soft floated texture to a heavier variation with more character. 

This multilayered Marmarino plaster was applied to a bathroom remodel we did in Pleasanton in 2014 giving it a very old world finish . Applied by Bridgette Smith .


Architectural Foam Trim Finishes

These foam trim and custom foam shapes can be added to exterior and interior applications such as windows, columns and fireplaces. These can be finished to greatly enhance the final appearance of your project. 

In this Pleasanton family room we plastered over an existing brick fireplace using architectural foam andMarmarino plaster.

In this Pleasanton family room we plastered over an existing brick fireplace using architectural foam andMarmarino plaster.

Specialty finishes

Bridgette specializes in a variety of specialty finishes.these included but are not limited to  : Lime washes, Marmarino plaster,Venetian plaster 

This lime wash was applied to this grand entryway foyer in the Dublin Hills, CA. Specialty finish appled by Bridgette Smith.


Basic drywall repair and textures

We are skilled in drywall installation, drywall repair and a variety of basic drywall textures,including but not limited to Smoothcoat, Knockdown, Orange peel and Skip trowel texture. We remove a lot of old wallpaper and finish the walls to match the rest of the home.